Winter plans

Friday, January 03, 2020

Now we stand in the cold light of January days it's easy to see that Winter has claimed us for another trimester. Much as I find myself in the doldrums at this miserable time of year there does remain a chink of opportunity for things to do:

Put together the allotment layout plan for 2020 and the same for the flower patch

Pick out all the things we want to grow

Use up the remaining butternut squash

Use up the last of the onions and potatoes

Write up posts and take photographs of the landscape

Take a walk in the frost or if there is any, snow. 

I usually kid myself that I'll get busy sewing but the reality is that I might manage to make myself one of the Christmas gifts I made for others

One thing I do find that gets an exclusivity of attention at this time of year is my exercise regime. In the dark evenings I am at liberty to concentrate my efforts more than over spring/summer.

Plan a holiday

Monitor the pond and birdboxes for signs of activity

Read plenty of books, watch good films and tv shows but get good early nights in too.

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