Forest smiles

Monday, January 27, 2020

The momentum for capturing content has maintained itself over the past month which has pleased me immensely. It's never a problem finding things to cover over here; there's so much to say about everything from the walks we take, the garden, allotment, flower patch, clothes I wear and all the other bits and bobs. It's always good to feel like I'm accumulating as fast as publishing; a neat conveyor belt operating at optimum velocity. The time of year, however, is drab and dull which means that everywhere does tend to look the same for weeks, nay, months on end which doesn't give much scope for things of interest to present themselves. 
The weekend just passed felt a bit of a rubbish one as they go for various reasons, but as we take in the last few days of January we can consider what the new month may have to offer.

Take care,

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