In the bleak midwinter

Thursday, January 23, 2020

I wonder if I'm descending sharply into madness with how bleak the place is at the moment. How can things change - and when. At this rate we're still directly in line for a proper cold snap the kind which cuts off previously normal roads and renders the outdoors suitable for trackers and treks on foots only. It's alarming, those weeks of checking the forecast every half hour to see if those first few snowflakes will suddenly accumulate into barricades. High stakes gambling on perfectly regular journeys which are virtually certain to be fine but at the drop of a hat could change into a treacherous and life-risking stranding in the middle of nowhere. Apparently I overthink it, but it's all possible.
But for the moment is wet, boggy and dank. The darkness and festering rot of all that summer brought.

Frilly scalloped fungi on an old log.
Looks like the cleavers has climbed everywhere like a sticky veil

Mind your step...

Mistletoe spied! It's so rare to see any but frustratingly this was about 30 foot up a poplar so completely unobtainable.

I think this looks like some kind of St John's wort seed head, though I could be wrong.
When will it ever end?

Take care,

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