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Thursday, January 02, 2020

It's all about good layering this season. There's nothing that makes me more miserable than to feel cold so whenever I go out it's got to be in something snug. If tights are needed it's always my supercosy thermal ones (and almost always black) but they can't be worn indoors as they make me overheat pretty quickly. Vest top or vest, long sleeved top, jumper then coat. I have 3 pairs of fingerless gloves which are worn each time I leave the house, keeping my hands warm unless it's sub zero in which case the thought of numb fingertips prompts me to switch for my thermal gloves.

The sloppy mud underfoot has been disgraceful the last few months - all this terrible rain has left it's mark.

Beautiful necklace from Kezzie was a very well chosen gift, it's just my colours and something I am sure I'll be wearing often - thank you!!!
Layer up and let's go!
Take care,

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