Why the long coat

Thursday, January 09, 2020

This lovely long coat often gets overlooked at the bottom of the coat rack. It's probably not the best in rain or gales but what it is perfect for is dull and cool days. I quite forgot how pleasant it is to wear a lengthier overcoat to keep me snug, twice I took it out and admired it. Another ebay buy from years ago which has remained a classic, timeless piece. Should it continue to fit then I'm sure it will be with me for years to come, although hopefully worn more often.
A bright green jumper is all the colour needed to feel festive (which I did at the time). This roll neck was one of the few new purchases I made last year - or possibly the year before but it's the kind I like for warmth and comfort so this will be with me until it's wrecked. Writing that reminds me of a jumper I had as a child, though this one was a dusky pink, which I wore until one of the sleeves thinned so much it started to unravel yet still I didn't want to part with it. One day it went into the wash never to return which was so sad, a betrayal!
I've been in hats for weeks now, my trusty bobble-less bobble hats are by far the warmest but do make me look like a prize idiot so sometimes I treat myself to looking a fraction less so at the price of that toasty warmth. Swings and roundabouts! Though the peak on the cap serves me well should the sun come out and I may need to shield my eyes. Fine chance.
Take care,

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