Watching steps

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

So good, I wore it twice. The first occasion was on an afternoon where the light was so woeful that the camera was just dead weight around my neck; I'd have been better off with a torch. Slightly irritated not to have snapped a few shots of myself - see how peculiar life becomes if you write a blog - I wore it again the following week on a much brighter day. The jumper over this dress serves more of a purpose than just an added layer of warmth; it breaks up the rather sack-like shape without causing more a scene by attempting waist definition plus it serves to highlight the collar which is camouflaged against the same fabric if you wear the dress on it's own.
Long coat and gloves for warmth
These boots have come into their own! Perfect for everything except gravel. The boggy mud has meant mucky boots but these have kept me safe and dry so far. I have been watching my step, especially after C had a slip on some treacherous clay-y mud. I didn't laugh because falling over in the mud isn't funny. Oh come on, who am I kidding? It's hilarious if there's no serious injuries.

Take care,

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