Tuesday, January 14, 2020

From one drab grey day to the next, it seems endless. I haven't worn this beautiful green coat for ages and I had toyed with donating it to charity in the bi-annual coat peg swap. Dressy coats do seem almost frivolous for me to an extent but as long as I want to keep wearing it, I suppose it's ok for me to cling on to it.
The old shirt and tank top combination hasn't seen much of an outing recently. This grey tank is a reliable favourite and one which will be wheeled out as long as it fits, which is where the problem with shirts comes in. In my wardrobe I own maybe a dozen shirts but many are a little too tight, or short, or have a collar which refuses to behave. Much as it pains me to do so, I feel like a ruthless cull of everything which isn't comfortable to wear ought to go albeit this may be the majority.

Asymmetry is not my friend so it''s rare I wear anything so clearly skew-whiff.

I'll keep my lovely green coat and keep my head down for now.
Take care,

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