Mystical landscape

Monday, January 13, 2020

A morning of such splendid sunshine in the cold air of New Year's Eve that the sunrays blasted through the skeletal trees and blinded delicate eyes beneath. Again, a new place to walk for us; a newly discovered path to take. On this particular morning the light was so beautiful I was dismayed to realise that if you see somewhere at it's absolute best on the first visit, it will sadly never quite live up to itself again. 
Coppery leaves in the morning sun...

The last few beech nuts

They may not look like much but those were towering poplar trees, they dwarfed us and it felt like we had shrunk to teeny beings heading through them.
Frost pockets lingered on...

Well used forest trails yet completely deserted.

Standing gloop, or water.

A mystical landscape full of winter beauty, now that's what I'm talking about! More of this please.

Take care,

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