Few and far between

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

There's nothing like a proper morning walk to get you ravenous for lunch is there? It was on Boxing day that we made a good start to the day by nipping out in the morning with the intention of getting back before the rain started. In fact we were on the last couple of hundred meters before the first spots started and by the time we had shed our coats and sat in the car the windscreen was persistently being battered by large droplets. It was a satisfying drive home for turkey sandwiches which, in case you have any cause for querying, are the best part of Christmas.

Resorted to photographing mugwort, the weed which left our wildflower patch in a right state last year.

The pops of colour were few and far between

Yes, it is everywhere. Yellow brain fungus.

'King Alfred's Cakes'

I think these are jelly ears

Aside from the Boxing Day afternoon heavy showers we didn't see any more precipitation until last Friday, so it was nice to have a reprieve from wet weather. 

Take care,

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