At dusk

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Having such limited allowance for going out has lead to tactical calculations. A walk at dusk was just what the doctor ordered.

 Empty, as usual.

 The green flowers are Alexanders. I don't think I shared these before. I used to think they were unripe cow parsley of sorts but they stay green. My foraging book says something about them is edible so I might look into that in future.

 Crab apple blossom - the most delicate and pretty.
 Oak leaves

 Hawthorn flowers not yet close to flowering - yet elsewhere already in bloom.
 Many, many ground elder flowers which almost glow in the dark.

 The first bluebells. Sadly no trip to our regular haunts for them this year...
Probably shepherd's purse to finish.

Take care,

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  1. Such a lovely time of day
    Take care

  2. Yes, Alexanders are edible! I watched a foraging video 2 days ago which was talking about them (in fact, I may even have shared it in my scheduled blog post!) Ground elder is also edible!
    Dusk can be such a beautiful time!!! It was sooo cold yesterday comparatively though.

  3. I shall have to check out these Alexanders - according to the internet, every part is edible, and they remained popular in this country until people started growing celery.

  4. I watched a bat and listened to blackbirds


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