Fresh, waxy leaves

Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Finally, the landscape is starting to re-green. The fresh leaves are appearing once again, all waxy and full of vibrant colour.

 All shapes, sizes and designs. Aren't leaves amazing? One year I will have to study the different names for identifying shapes.

 Tiny new trees are growing on the ground. Spy the next generation.

 GLorious blackthorn blossom in the sun. Bring on the sloes!

Take care,

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  1. Blackthorn is so pretty, and it smells lovely too!
    I've got a few little trees in pots that I've dug up in the hope that I can keep them alive long enough to plant them in the garden (they wouldn't have survived in the positions they were in). I've got two small oaks (both dug up inches from our house) and a walnut... so far...

  2. There's so much beautiful and vibrant greenery! We are very lucky!x


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