Chime of the town hall clock

Friday, April 17, 2020

When I'm out and about I can't stop myself from searching for things of interest; flowers, fungus, birds and any other sounds or sights which are of interest. These tiny moschatel flowers are only 6-8mm wide and right down in the undergrowth but they caught my eye and I stopped for a closer inspection. I thought they were something different but having looked them up I realise they were the same ones spotted a few years ago - though they were on an empty bank whereas these were on a grassy verge so the foliage wasn't inview. They have 5 flowers to the 'head'; four of which make square then one plonked on top, hence 'town hall clock'. Have you ever spotted these miniature beauties?

 Wood anemone now out

 Many flowers on the garlic mustard.
 I still haven't twigged what the above is. Sometime soon I'll have to work it out.
 Pleased to say I've seen more cowslips
 Blossom falling on red nettles
 Still a few violets
 Red campion! There will be much of this to come soon.
 I suspect this is some kind of comfrey escaped from a garden
Borrowed view of bluebells.

Take care,

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