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Thursday, April 09, 2020

Hello everyone! I've had to be resourceful, more so than ever with taking photographs. Fortunately our garden is proving to be full of interest on these sunny spring days; attracting plenty of birds, butterflies and bees. I've been trying and trying to snap a shot of the little blue butterflies which keep flying around but as yet no luck. It'll have to land at some point!!!

Anyway, here's a selection of some feathered and furred snaps from the past couple of weeks. Above, well I think it looks like a serin from my book but it 'shouldn't' be in the UK so it's more likely to be a siskin. (Though I'm usually wrong on birds and often get corrected by those in the knows!!)

 Little robin in our garden, lovely.
Above, a great tit
And below pheasants. Despite the fact we see and hear pheasants all the time when we go out, I virtually never get a picture. They are almost regal in colour and decoration but not lavishly endowed with brain cells; they are ridiculous in escape with close calls with cars all the time. Often they run across the road only to u-turn and run all the way back again thus getting squashed by drivers who thought they'd run clear.
 And the noise they make is dreadful.

 HARES! Not boxing or doing anything exciting but hares nevertheless.

Deer far, far away.
Last night a deer came into my garden and munched a whole pot of beautiful tulips bar two heads. I am furious. The deer has a bounty on it's horned little head. I'm so angry!!!!
And the squirrel who tries to raid our bird feeders and tries to re-tree the place by burying nuts everywhere. Cheers mate.

I would at this point be likely to encourage getting out for the long bank holiday weekend but we're all trapped for the time being, so I would instead say to use your freedom wisely, enjoy the time in the best manner you can. I'll probably still post daily as there's still much to say.

Take care,

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  1. That serin/siskin is a pretty little chap. I've been keeping the feeders well stocked and love watching the birds, although other than a robin or a blue tit my knowledge is nil.
    I love to see deers, but when they eat your garden they're hard to like, I've felt the exact anger you feel.
    We saw some boxing hares on Sunday but couldn't get close enough for a good photo, I took a video to send to you but we were too far away to really be able to make it out. I'll keep trying.
    Stay safe!

  2. Absolute swines- the wretched deer! This is how I feel about slugs and snails (and the badger who keeps digging stuff up!). That's a beautiful, young Robin!!! I love seeing your nature photos!!


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