The new busy

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Having not posted yesterday I felt deflated. How had I not managed to get something finished, knowing I had all the time in the world? Disappointing.

Like many people, I'm working from home when possible but my workload is drastically reduced so most of the time I'm at liberty to do as I please. There are loads of jobs we've ticked off the lists already; those ones you never really get round to doing as part of the weekly chores. I'm finding that instead of feeling pressure to get all the weeding done, it's just ticking over which is fine yet I kind of wish there was more to get stuck in to.
The housework, instead of being condensed into one day a week of hell-for-leather calorie-burning exhaustion plus the daily essentials, is now diluted through the week, more contaminating each day with the menial. I had hoped to contain it to less but a more strict approach is required perhaps to seal it up.

So why did I not post yesterday? Well, I wasn't focused enough on getting the right things done at the right times and by the point I remembered I'd got nothing up it was mid afternoon and I didn't feel like it was a sensible point in the day to down tools and attempt to create something.

We've created our own new versions of busy, made up of a jumble of work, chores, fun, cooking and sleeping. I've just got to remind myself that I am the architect of my own day now, so if I don't like the trend, then it's for me to change!

 Burdock leaves. C is desperate to make some dandelion and burdock but you need the root so it doesn't sound like it's quite as straight forward as foraging dandelion flowers.

Take care,

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