A few new sights

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

What to say? Here we are again. I'm seeing the same things over and over but thank goodness for the shift in seasons to add a few new sights. The verges decked in flowers. White dead nettle is reigning supreme round here, with a burst of growth it's standing proud above everything else.
The cherries are all in flower now, this shot was the moment before it took off.

Above, hoary cress, new to me.
Below, butterbur which I've never seen before. It looks rather unflatteringly like a toilet brush.

Above sun spurge I think. I'll admit there's nothing I particularly like about spurges in grass. Alone, they shine out with their lime green complexion but in grass, well, meh.
Below, the brimstone butterfly feeding. Hurrah!

Have you caught the scent of gorse? In the sunshine we smell coconut which you really wouldn't imagine based on it's looks. Careful of the spikes if you lean in for a closer sniff!

Above, green alkanet (yes, I know it's blue)
Below, I assumed OSR escaped from a field but the reddish stems make me think it could be something else.

 Blackthorn in blossom, bring on the sloes!
 If you know what the above is then I'm pleased with you.
 Lesser celandine lapping up the sunshine.
 Bracket fungus.
Catkins just hanging out.

Take care, let's see what this week brings,

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