Post isolation fantasy

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Kezzie set up a challenge posing some post isolation questions. Having got half way through them it became apparent that I'm not missing much at all about 'regular' life other than I cannot spend my free time going out walking at will.

1.  Restaurant you would go to

This is easy, our local pub which serves the best food. It's within an easy walk and always has a choice of tasty food on the menu, a consistently high level of service and comfort. It feels like we haven't been for ages yet it's probably only a month and a half. They know my favourites and my beverage of choice AND we have 'our' table. What more can you ask for? Second home.

2. Friend you would meet up with first

Ad hoc. I might go months without seeing anyone.

3. Place you would go

Well this depends on when we are out and how 'safe' it is. Probably would be somewhere seasonally relevant, like an open garden or somewhere to forage. I do miss seeing gardens, this year we anted to visit more than ever.

4. Shop you would go to

Also would be charity shopping as I'll probably need some more trousers. Plus in the months after lockdown is over they will be inundated with fresh donations after everyone has cleared out their unwanted stuff. 

5. Food you would buy/eat

We're allowed food at the moment, non? Er, fish and chips on the coast. Hazel wrote about this the other day and I can't stop thinking about it now. We had a delicious meal over the winter festive break (I think?) and we talked about returning to have another round.

6.  Cake you would eat

I've been eating too much cake already! C has been baking a lot which is mostly consumed by myself... Including two types of hot cross buns, my own butternut squash spiced fruit tray bake, frangipane tarts and now a ginger cake. I've probably missed some as well...

7. Show you would/will see?

It would either be a festival (hurrah!) or one of nature's shows like the bluebells, or snowdrops.

8. Concert you would watch

Likely to be a festival, though this could take years! 

9. Relative you would hug first

It's only going to be Mum anyway. Nobody hugs me.

10. Holiday you would go on

Walking holiday somewhere like the Lakes, Peaks, Wales or Yorkshire. To get away from everything. Ideally at a quiet time. The last few weeks have been horrendous for that walk from home - busy lanes and paths now everyone heaps out for their allotted slice of daily freedom. I need peace!

11. Other activity you would take part in

The pub quiz. This is usually held monthly and is my social event, or the ladies allotment very important meetings. (We drink gin). Bootcamp has been held virtually for the last...month? and this has worked better than expected but I'll be bouncing back to the classes in person when we're out.

12. Thing you would do at work

Reluctantly go in. I've been feeling fine about tending essentials from my laptop and quite frankly it's been better not making those pointless journeys.

13. Item you would buy

All the plants! I can't wait to browse and make silly plant buys again. I did hope to buy more delphiniums from the shop I got some from last year but obviously that wasn't to be. I just love flowers!

Well, as I said, seems like I'm not doing too badly with the lockdown except for the lack of wandering. If you're going to answer Kezzie's questions they do let her know too, she'd love to read them.

Take care,

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