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Thursday, April 16, 2020

I've felt guilty about putting on nice clothes and enjoying a pleasant day, almost like it's something we oughtn't be doing at the moment. Most days have been spent doing work, jobs or something constructive which generally calls for practical trousers or shorts, something you can't wreck too quickly. Amongst the jobs I swapped my wardrobe round and gave some summer items a re-launder after months of being packed away. There's less than I hoped and looking any many of the shorts, less than I can probably comfortably wear this year. Sulk.
Nevertheless, I was excited to put on a dress that makes me feel happy for the beautiful sunshine the other day, some other day... we're all lost in the lockdown abyss now.
I think this dress definitely makes me look taller as it's a knee length hem. Boots I only wore once or twice last year but will be and have already seen the light of day this spring. I've had a good hard look at my footwear collection and already bagged up a few pairs which although I love them, there are no opportunities to wear them so that shelf space was wasted on keeping them. I'd rather save it for my beloved ankle boots - right for every occasion.

I would exclaim about my lockdown hair but since I haven't had it cut in years, maybe 6 or 7 now, I cannot say it's any different to usual. I did, however, dust off the electric clippers to give C a haircut the other week. It went far better than expected and we both preferred his new cut to the longer style he had before. I think this will be a job for me every few weeks from now on!
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