The wild ones

Thursday, April 02, 2020

I've lost track of all sense of time this week, a few days ago I couldn't even remember what part of the day it was. We're extremely fortunate to have so much to keep us busy, which is proving to be most productive and saving us from climbing the walls as it sounds like many people are.
I miss being able to take off on a whim.
However, at some point over the weekend we took a walk from the door which was delightful and although not as busy as I feared, it certainly was more so than my dead spots I would prefer to drive to usually *furrows brow*.

With an enormous amount of springtime change to see, I took oodles of snaps and having whittled it down to the better and more relevant I have 54 in total, enough for 4 different posts! At this rate even with daily blog posts I'll still end up with more content than days... I still have lots to tell you about the garden, greenhouse, meadow, allotment and flower plot which will have to feature at some point. Spring really is a time of swift development!

Anyway, to the first shot of this daisy in the sunshine, it was my favourite shot of the day and made me feel hopeful.
Plenty of lesser celandine lighting up the verges and ditches.

Marsh marigold on the ditch bank
And below, some sort of spurge.

Honesty at the base of the hedges. I have some myself in the garden and on my flower plot which is nealy ready to flower.
A new one for me, which I found very excting; common fumitory.
Above, this is possibly the sexiest shot of groundsel possible, they are usually a miserable looking plant but the light has given it a little gusto while it gatecrashed my common fumitory shot.

Some pinky primroses which may have been planted rather than grown wild?
Verges are alive with colour; white and red dead nettles and dandelions popping up everywhere.

I hope that if you can safely get out for a little bit then keep an eye out for wild flowers growing determinedly all about.

Take care,

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