Saturday, April 11, 2020

Cowslips are the kind of flowers that I would expect to be prevalent in the countryside yet there are virtually none to be found. I know about 3 spots where I might find them and that's the lot.
Cheerful daisies
Pretty speedwell

Ground elder just showing through
Greater stitchwort
Archangel I believe.
I love grassy flowered spots.
White dead nettle.
Lastly, dog's mercury looking lush.

Take care,

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  1. I was going to ask you to identify what was growing in my lawn, but you've just answered it for me - ground elder :)
    Greater stitchwort is pretty!

  2. I
    You know that you can eat Ground Elder- a Veggie chef called Leon Lewis made us something delicious with it! Can't remember what he does with it!
    I always see Cowslips at the edge of fields- just a few of them but always a few!
    I saw SOOOO many Greater Stitchwort on my walk the other day- I went and looked it up when I got home!
    Speedwell is such a lovely name! x

  3. I'm going to look up ground elder recipes, I could feed a small family from our lawn!


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