Lilac nosegay

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Upon catching scent of this beautiful lilac bush, I turned to survey it's towering cloud of flowers; a heck of a storm brewing. Normally, I don't snap away at things in peoples' gardens but if something happens to be draping over into the pavement or road then I see no harm.

Last week Mum told me she had taken a few stems of lilac and popped them in a vase indoors yet could only smell them if she leaned in close. I'd want to be infused in a waft of lilac so would recommend a nosegay or 'mussie-tussie' a carried vase to keep a posy about my person. A new accessory for spring! After all, I no longer need to carry a bag with purse around with nothing to purchase.
 Aren't they divine?

I can't decide which shade I like best, or maybe a choice isn't even required.

Take care,

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  1. I don't think you need to choose. The lilac in my garden is about to bloom, I like to bring a few inside and put them in vases. I've been told that crushing the stems makes them last longer in a vase so when they're blooming I'm going to be filling the house with them.
    Lovely photos!

  2. They are glorious!!! I saw some poking out of a bush in a countrylane the other day- was tempted to nick a piece, couldn't see if there was a house lurking behind the bush or not!!
    These ones are utterly sublime!


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