Holly blue and friends

Friday, April 10, 2020

At last! My struggle to capture the elusive blue butterfly is over. I was convinced this beauty was a holly blue, not just because it was blue, but also because it did seem to frequent the holly bushes for the majority of it's visits to our garden. My lovely book of butterflies and moths contains many blue butterflies, which generally look very similar but most are not found in the UK which rules them out. I really ought to find a book with just UK based butterflies as it will really help with swifter identification.
On closer inspection it appears our lovely holly blue has had a narrow escape, with a chunk of hindwings missing! With the thicker dark margin to the forewing this looks like a female. 

Having a chunk of hindwing missing hasn't slowed this butterfly down, the flight is still too fast to track on my camera (or sometimes my eye!!)

I am pretty satisfied we managed to see her landed and that I was able to take a few shots.
However, I've seen brimstones through the garden several times since 24th March yet none have landed at all. I did snap one elsewhere the other day, shots to come soon.

Also when out recently... a peacock.

Small tortoiseshell.

Take care and stay safe,

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