Allotment plans for 2019

Thursday, January 31, 2019

I never know when to make a start planning for the spring start. The months of November to the end of February feel empty, long and hopeless. The thought of putting together thoughts for 2019 then not being able to make a start in growing is a frustration. It's like baking a loaf of fresh bread then not being allowed to eat any of it. Oh the temptation!
Last year was the first year we drew up a proper layout plan, along with picking which varieties of each thing to grow. As it's a joint effort between C and myself there are compromises to be made. However, if it was down to me I would be choosing the tastiest of each variety to grow then only grow one type. C has already started off 3 types of leek. I despair.
The five varieties of carrot are 'just to use up the seeds' I am assured. No polite comment.

On the vegetables I eat but C doesn't I have sole pick. I've gone for the same two butternut squashes as last year because they were great to eat and as productive as I needed. The 'patty pan' squash have been dropped in favour of' 'red kuri' which are a nuttier flavour. No pumpkins as they take over the plot and personally I just prefer the squashes. Courgette, I've gone for 'zucchini'. The squashes and pumpkins are planted directly into the manure bays. They sink as the muck rots.

We still have four types of potato even though I really don't eat much potato at all. Charlottes are a must but only one other would be useful to me, an all-rounder like Maris Piper.

Most of our produce is grown on the plot(s) but some stays in the greenhouse. The cucumbers, aubergines, sweet and chilli peppers all reside under glass with some tomatoes but excess tomatoes can live outdoors too. Most years they've turned out a bit scabby but last year's were perfect.

Did I mention we moved the asparagus crowns into the former flower patch at the front which means we can use the back space for dwarf beans.

Inevitably, the planting can deviate from the plan. At our allotments people leave excess plants out for others to grow so that's how we ended up with lots last year we never banked on. I shall try to avoid picking anything up unless it looks unmissable. Last year we acquired some enormous globe artichokes which have taken up far too much room really.

The plot is mostly heaped up with poo at the moment. As harvesting has been completed it's been cleared, pending the spring rotivating.

There are a few trays in the greenhouse on the go already but it seems a long way 'til May's planting out!

Take care,

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