Winter wishlist

Friday, January 18, 2019

Winter plans?
Does anyone realistically expect or hope for good times in winter? I would hedge my bets as to no. As I usually make a wishlist of seasonal plans it doesn't feel fair to leave out winter so he's my attempt to put together a vague plan of things to do.

Put together the allotment layout plan for 2019 and the same for the flower patch

Pick out all the things we want to grow

Start a 2019 allotment and flower journal to document how things go.

Spray off the wildflower patch which is now coated in grass and the wrong weeds. They haven't really stopped growing.

When it's ready, rotivate and clear the new wildflower patches and sow the seeds. This may be veering into spring by then.

I'd like to get some more pictures hung in the house instead of leaning against walls.

Spare room sortout. It never ends but I made a good start last weekend and hope to feel like I've reached an end point.

Sort out shoe storage – still haven't found anything suitable

Use up my dried borlotto beans in a jar as I want to grow more this year and shouldn't if I can't get rid of the last lot

Use up the remaining pumpkins and butternut squash. They store ok but if left too long it's a terrible mess.

Use up the last of the onions and potatoes before the whole lot go off.

Write up posts on things I've been meaning to talk about.

Take a walk in the frost or if there is any, snow. 

I wanted to make another tablecloth which I have now done, using the last of some material I made Christmas gifts from.

That sounds like quite a lot to be getting on with.

Take care,

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