Here's to 2019

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy new year to you! May 2019 be full of all the best things. I've been ready for the new year since Boxing Day and for the past week when people say last year or this year I can't decide which year we're talking about. Anyway, we have a whole 365 shiny new days to fill. Made any resolutions? I may do but more likely over the next couple of weeks when I've mulled over things. 
Over the festive period I've enjoyed some time off - the longest stretch at home is always over the most miserable time of year and feels like spectacularly bad timing. All the opportunity to get out but the landscape is drab, empty and grey. Not to mention soft going underfoot. Aside from Christmas morning which was a gorgeous frosty white picture, the days have been predominantly dark and bleak.  

C noticed this huge black bracket up high in this oak tree. Quite impressive.

A beautiful little nest a family of birds must have used last year.
Still a few teeny tiny hints of colour appearing. Herb robert below.

Manky looking fungus on a tree? Hello, I'll have a look.

One of those oak fruit thingys. We had to stop and inspect it with rather unconvincing enthusiasm as the dog walker with two large and curious dogs was unbearably slowly making progress ahead and it was preferable to try to widen the space between us. The dogs had other ideas and dawdled over every slightly scented blade of grass. Yawn.

We've been trying out some new walks recently. Mostly of a short length - more due to the fact that sadly our part of the world is sorely lacking in footpaths and the like and even more frustratingly there are sometimes cows which occupy areas intermittently which renders many places too much of a gamble. 

Are you ready for a whole new year? It's here, whether you like it or not.
Take care,

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