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Monday, January 28, 2019

This is how far behind some have my posts have become, this selection were taken on New Years' Day! Don't worry, I've mixed up timelines and at some point soon we can move on to new blooms of winter flowers. Although there is a fair amount of forestry in Norfolk it's not particularly often we take a wander round the trees. There's so much potential for wildlife in the forest yet it often feels like any potential encounters are missed. Virtually no birds, let alone birds of prey like sparrowhawks or goshawks hunting. Deer? Nope. Foxes? Nope. Badger? Nope. Fungi.... maybe. Fungi will have to suffice. 

Spent heathers.
You never fail me, little fungi!

In 2019 we really must head out to see more places with rhododendron in flower. It's such a monstrously vast bush that it's a sight to behold with huge purple pompoms here, there and everywhere.

Looks like we reached the perimeter.

Best you can hope for is to escape the crowds - and their dogs running riot. Eye roll.
Dead fern leaves have a coppery charm about them. I love the lush green-ness as they grow, unfurling but after a few months the novelty has completely worn off. Stiff copper has-beens hold much more interest.
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