The Pingo Trail in winter part 1

Monday, January 14, 2019

I'm still playing catch up so here's another instalment from the new year's break. A circular walking route round the Pingo Trail from Stow Bedon. If you don't like cattle then head anticlockwise from the car park at Stow Bedon so that you can check out the fields the path crosses. We didn't and my heart plunged when we reached a gate warning of cattle. It would have been miles to retrace our steps (the walk was around 7 miles from memory) so with considerable high anxiety we followed the path through the fields but there was nothing to be seen. Good thing too as my heart was thumping so loudly I think they would have heard it coming. As it turned out we had seen then grazing in a distant field earlier on in the walk but you only realise that with hindsight. As it was such a lengthy walk by our standards I snapped so many shots I have divided them into two posts. They're bleak, but it's winter so there's little else to expect.
Above, oh I thought I'd seen yellow brain fungus on a third occasion and here it is!

Lost feather. I was going to take it home but somehow became distracted and forgot.

More yellow brain fungus.

A large nest. Maybe a bird of prey or just a crow that wanted a luxurious pad.

Pingos are pools left by the landscape after the last ice age. Nope, I'm not too hot on the finer details but information boards dotted around are interesting. It does mean the landscape is prone to looking wet.
More later in the week, contain your excitement.
Take care,

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