Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dresses in winter are my second choice staple after skirts. It's easy to pop a layer under and over then some snuggly warm tights before booting up. I picked up a few tunic style dresses int he last 18 months and this red zigzag strip one appealed on the hanger."That'll be a throw-on and go wear" I thought. Now that I see the dress from a distance it doesn't look anything like it did on the hanger. For starters it's too short and that's just annoying to wear as you have to be mindful about any variation from just standing still. Secondly, it doesn't hols any of the colour I like about it. Instead it just makes my eyes feel sore looking at it, like a fuzzy TV needing re-tuning. In times of bloated middles (aka most times) a loose fit dress seems like a good plan but two of my dresses just make me look worse with so much excess material.
I did mean to add to my resolutions about getting my hair cut. Just to attempt to salvage what I can. It's so thin and dry. I'm sure it falls out too much which worries me that I'll be left with nothing at all if I leave it. Though the thought of someone hacking off all my straggly ends makes me unhappy.
My boots get worn so much at the moment. Through mud, leaves, rocks, bogs, manure (that's at the allotment) and all the puddly rubbish terrain. I think maybe next year I'll have to look at getting a new pair for best and leave these for the shabbier walks and jobs.
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  1. I, too, worry about the amount that my hair falls out- I pull out a complete clump handful everytime I wash my hair and then more when I brush. I'm trying to grow mine a bit longer so when I have it cut, I can donate it for a wig to a child with cancer but I am getting tired of it being so long! I like a bob! I like the dress- it looks really fun and textured and great with that jumper!

  2. I switched to a solid shampoo from Lush and noticed my hair falling out less. It's the one with cinnamon. I follow with a conditioner and do an olive oil leave-in conditioner type thing once every few weeks - although this does need a 'normal' shampoo to rinse out the oil effectively. I've noticed a difference in my hair, it's much softer.
    A good hairdresser will listen to your worries and proceed accordingly, they can't cut too much off if they don't have your permission.


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