Better an egg today

Thursday, January 10, 2019

 Flicking through my ever so interesting book of old fashioned lore I came across the proverb
Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow
Which I hadn't heard spoken but makes perfect sense. It's better to have something certain today than the hope of something better tomorrow (or it certainly was in medieval times). Especially if that hen was the one who did the laying because after that they'd be nout. Though nowerdays it can often be said the other way round to mean it's better to have something significant tomorrow than settle for the mediocre today. How about appreciating what's here today and building on it for tomorrow? Best compromise.  
I've been feeling so much more invested in making the most of the last of my youth over the past few years. Wear the short skirt while I feel like it because it won't last forever. Through caution to the wind and to hell with it. 
Youth is wasted on the young it's a crying shame. I remember when I was in my early teens and very slim I completely took it for granted and thought it would last forever. However, I didn't feel confident or pretty and constantly hated my unruly hair and spotty skin. I should have just popped on some lipstick and a grin and rocked it!
 I'll take today's egg than hold out for a better deal tomorrow, 'cos who knows what's round the corner? So what if my skirt's too short or I should be over being such a wild scruff? Who's right would it be to tell me that anyway. Pah.
Oh and as I mislaid my fingerless gloves C bought me two new pairs which have been perfect to wear, especially when out and snapping photographs as my big gloves are impossible trying to fiddle around with dinky camera buttons.
I still have loads of posts worth of things to show you and talk about, haven't got round to resolutions, winter plans or fitness goals yet! I'm feeling enthused.
Take care,

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