Seeing red

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Is it too soon to declare this my favourite look of 2019? Perhaps. I used to say that blue was my favourite colour which is entirely true; I love all the varieties of teal and turquoise but lately, and by lately I mean the last few years I feel myself drawn to red. The scarlets and burnt burgundys draw me, luring me with their bold, bright crimson remorselessness. I am powerless to resist.
Bright red being also a favourite shade of the two women who liked to give me kitkats as treats. Old school!
I wonder why I've suddenly had my head turned by red?
I like how happy I look! The flared sleeves of my red high neck top work effectively underneath this thin knit jumper. And how fabulous is this meadow of dead wildflowers? I wonder what it looks like in summer? I must return.

Have you had a change of colour taste in adulthood?
Take care,

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