Before the dawn

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

I'd forgotten that this outfit was snapped back in early December. It was one of those days which didn't look too chilly but actually the iced air seeped through everything without fail. It was a morning in town though and I prefer to dress lighter than the weather dictates on the basis that shops are too hot for hats and huge coats, plus any kind of lugging bags around gets me heated up soon enough. This has got to be my favourite knitted skirt which I default to in times of woe; it's warm, never rides up or gets caught by the wind, the waistband can mercifully be worn on the waist or either side of the bloat. I've even taken the time to stitch up the fraying side seams twice which is almost unheard of and goes some way to illustrating my love for it.
Worn on this occasion with my burned orange top to coordinate with the orange on the skirt - none too visible but it is white, grey and orange. Thin scarf which I knotted into a circle years ago and far prefer wearing it doubled up round my neck. Padded denim jacket which is great to wear over thin jumpers.

Block heeled ankle boots which clop-clop everywhere I go.
The days don't feel like they're getting any lighter at all. I was in a terrible frame of mind yesterday and felt fractious.There's so little to enjoy about January, it's a rubbish time of year. They say the darkest hour is that before the dawn.
Take care,

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