West of the middle of nowhere

Thursday, January 03, 2019

I like the middle of nowhere. Those places which span miles with no sign of civilisation to be seen and precious little to be heard. Escaping for an hour to ramble through the landscape uninterrupted. These precious spots are golden and I'm trying to find more of them.
Below, this palette of colour is beautiful. Greens and yellows.

A tiny mushroom growing out of a stump.

Ivy looks glossy and vigorous all year round. Be more like ivy.
A speedwell flower emerging? So soon?

It wouldn't be a nature post without some grim looking fungus. You too would mourn their absence if I neglected to share. - Actually a wondrous post is coming soon on a new find which I'm fascinated by.

That weed that gets everywhere that looks like a type of spurge.
What's this? Wild violets?! I saw them, I did, I did.

Now I have declared that 2019 will be the year of foraging crab apples because they are so plentiful and neglected it seems a crying shame to let them all go to waste* that we must gather some in autumn.
*of course they aren't wasted as nature uses them for food and fertiliser but it's a resource nevertheless.
Tiny nests in hedgerows. It is alarming just how few nests are visible even now. There can't have been many families living in the hedges and you would imagine they ought to be packed...

Hello, the middle of nowhere.
And discovering new foraging hedges. Just look at how many sloes are still here in late December. Amazing!

Two deer caught a glimpse of us and tore off up the field, back and forth over the quiet lane, gripped with indecision until they disappeared from sight altogether.
Few spots of colour to be seen, but a few plants clinging on.

A hare! I do want to see more hares in 2019 - ideally I would love to see them boxing so maybe this will be a good hangout - some of the neraby large fields were grassy/wheaty.

Take care,

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