If you run after two hares

Monday, January 07, 2019

There's so much I want to do. Not just this year as a resolution but generally as a long, long list of things that make me feel enthusiastic which is no bad thing. It's great to have things I yearn to tackle yet it was a valid illustration of my problem when on Saturday we entered a wonderful second hand bookshop. For the first time ever, we visited the town of Downham Market despite not living all that far away. As it turned out, we had an enjoyable little look round, visiting charity shops and noting somewhere that looked good to eat. The West Norfolk Deaf Association shop looked too good to be a charity shop; more like a boutique and was lovely to look around. I bought a skirt and C a shirt. From the till we realised the shop across the road was the WNDA bookshop so made a beeline for that. It turned out to be the most delightful place with a good stock of books and the non-fiction neatly grouped and labelled. We spent quite a long time browsing; me in the fiction and C, elsewhere. I picked up two novels with birds in the title, a classic, then a local interest and an outdoors memoir.
C just settled for the one on home brewing.
Unfortunately, instead of buying five books I should have spent that half an hour reading the book I've got instead of adding more to my overflowing bookcase. I need more time and less books!
So, back to my unwritten list of things I'd love to do... will I ever manage to consider doing any of it? Who knows. If you run after two hares you'll catch neither.
Here's a few pictures from a winter break walk. No sunshine, bleak landscapes but still a few thoughts.
A kestrel put on a lovely show, just for us.

Above, an optimistic plant. Is it comfrey?
Below: Something came  from the copse. Nothing scary, I hope.

 My, what a frilly edge.

 Above, these fungi have a velvet sheen.

Surely everyone's back to the grindstone by now?
Take care,

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