He that goes barefoot

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

He that goes barefoot must not plant thorns. I want a quiet life, I really do and yet often I feel close to bursting with something that's bothering me; ignorance, rudeness and evil generally. Yes I'd like to go barefoot but it's inevitable that the copious thorns already strung across paths are poised to puncture the bubble. Why is it that it's made to feel like I'm the one being the problem just for pointing out that someone else is not playing fair? I find it infuriating. 
Unrelated. Guelder rose berries looking divine covered in droplets. They're not edible. They're not even roses at all. The flowers are like soft white pompoms so in terms of aesthetic value these are top class. 

Lean on me...

You can tell this is from early December! Where are those leaves now? On the floor half decomposed.

There haven't been many frosts yet but I suspect there are some to come soon.

Mushrooms that look like umbrellas blown inside out amuse me.
Take care,

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