Friday, January 04, 2019

What do you wear for a new year's day walk in the forest? Whatever you darn well fancy.
My favourite skirt has been left by the wayside for too long now and although it only serves to emphasise my boxy frame and lack of height I love it all the same. The belt has been lost along the way and probably resides in the bag of jumbled scarves, belts and miscellaneous accessories which is stuffed under the bed; only to be dragged out when in dire need of finding something lost. I think I prefer it without the belt as t least it doesn't add further girth to my waistline. 
I didn't know what to wear on my top. This blouse is in one of my favourite shades and in a fancy design yet had never been worn for some reason. It never looked 'right' with anything else. The twangy waisted band definitely did it no favours but tucked under my skirt it's hidden. Voila, it's found it's stride. Conveniently, a turtle neck fine knit is almost the exact shade match for the blouse so kept me warm, especially with a vest beneath. Naturally a jumper and coat were worn on top but if winter comprised of bi-weekly pictures of me in the same coat with black tights and boots the season would be a tad repetitive.

Do you remember I did an alteration to the underskirt hem? The original was torn half off so I bought a new piece and sewed it on. I wish I'd chosen an off-white rather than such a brilliant white.
This necklace is a bit of a brute but from recollection is was one of my grandmother's and I like it's simple geometric shape. Nobody else seemed to care for it at all.

Who can believe it's Friday again? The days are meddling with my mind this week. Have a wonderful weekend and get outside for a last stretch of fresh air if you can!
Take care,

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