Resolutions for 2019

Monday, January 21, 2019

New years resolutions
January 1st is never a good day to pick out life changing aims for the year, not when we've been cooped up in the house for a week or two over-consuming everything we can get our hands on after the weirdness that is Christmas. I've left it a couple of weeks before daring to cast my eyes out onto the horizon and straighten my back, ready to plot a way to 2020. (Can you even imagine???)

Take more holidays. Last year through being stubborn, difficult and generally not being bothered to get anything much pinned down we had a week off and a very long weekend at a festival. Two isolated days off work spent going out were two memorable and precious days so this year we've vowed to do it again or more. Much of each weekend is tied up with the allotment from around April/May to end of September/October so without planning it's impossible to take a day out without having earmarked it in advance.

Keep my feet nicer. I hate feet and although I regard mine with disdain they're not as bad as most other peoples' but in order to keep up my good attention to them I shall give them more pumice stone scrubs, foot cream and toenail painting. You still shall not see them though.

Cook food I want to eat, even if it's just for me. In fact, especially if it's just for me. Yum.

Make more foraged consumables. Like rhubarb gin – got some on the go. Things with haws and crab apples. Give away more, eat more and stop feeling obliged to eat all of the shit strawberry ballistics gel jam that seems to be clogging up the wretched cupboard. I want to eat nice things too.

Come up with work/life/outdoor balance. I feel like last year has left behind a certain dynamic and a review needs to be carried out. I shouldn't feel obliged to attend work just because it's 'the working week'. I have already manoeuvred a good flexibility but now I want to pinpoint precisely how to box up certain obligations without them spilling all over everything else. In case you haven't noticed, I'm a chronic compartmentaliser and hate separate strands of my life to intermingle.

To understand how to meditate or how to be quiet or to take time out with calm even when there are busy things demanding my time or a feeling that I 'ought' to be out doing something specific.

To broaden my knowledge of the world. I have a world map and a British Isles map and I want to put up both so that I can familiarise myself with them. My geographical limits are astounding and I want to better my understanding.

To catalogue all my reads on Goodreads so I can look back on what and when I got through things. Plus, to read a little bit more often.

Ambitiously, I'd like to put together a plan for writing a novel. If I can come up with the skeleton of the story, characters and timeline then figure out when and how to write it. I'm not imagining actually doing any of the writing of it, just that I have a stack of prep and research done ready, for when I'm ready.

The undeniable key trend is betterment in the sense I want to grow and establish myself in the direction I feel is where I want to head. No explanations just because I want to and that's a good enough reason. For various reasons I have felt in myself that for the last few years I have grown up. My tastes in how I want to spend my time have changed, family hierarchy dynamics have changed and will continue to do so. At 33 I'm never going to be as young as I am today. Last year counted for something, as did those before. 2019 will contain it's own chapter but to the best of my ability I need to fill it with all the things I'd like to do, see and become more of the person I want to be rather than the person that I previously thought I had to be, for various reasons.

Take care,

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