The Pingo Trail part 2

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Here's the second part of our long walk from Stow Bedon, the Pingo Trail. It was a cool, damp day. Squidgy underfoot. I'd recommend walking boots. None of your rolling up in white trainers malarky. Honestly, over the years we've seen people going on proper walks in strange footwear: ballet pumps, shiny shoes, flip flops, heels. It makes you wonder why?!
It's hard to find much that's positive to say about a bleak time of year but I hope to return when the wildflowers bloom to see this landscape come to life.

The walk took us down tracks, through the forest and by Thompson water. I didn't realise it was man-made. For trout apparently.  

Something haunting about empty lanes and beech leaves carpeting the roadside.

Still hundreds of crab apples hanging on.

See the cows? They're the ones who weren't in the field we had to cross at the end of the walk - I covered that in the first part of the walk post.
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