Fitness in 2019

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Fitness in 2019 will be interesting. I've had a brilliant year and a half which has set me up for feeling super motivated for 2019. A healthy balance is for every day, not just for new year's resolutions which is why throughout the festive period I kept up my regular regime of exercise. Usually in a week I have one 5K run outdoors, 4 hiit workouts, a one hour outdoor bootcamp session (if not, then another indoor hiit workout) and a day of rest. It felt good to workout as part of a routine and maintain the continuity of activity despite the abandonment of most other parts of daily life over the Christmas break..
Back in 2017 I was in despair about how I had put on weight and lost my fitness mojo. It was around September 2017 that I finally found a way forward when I was introduced to High Intensity Interval Training workouts on YouTube. Joe Wicks 'The Bodycoach' was the channel of choice  initially and continued to be so up until a couple of months ago when I decided that I really wanted to up my game and challenge myself. I've dabbled with new channels and have found a couple which tick the box of kicking my backside. Heather Robertson has some really tough workouts (and she's got such a calm manner with no shouting or faff, just a clear video) and BodyFit by Amy has some good kettlebell sessions.
I love high energy cardio, strength and endurance. Give me a kettlebell and a pint of water and I'm away. The videos you shadow are absolutely essential for me; I can mimic along for an eternity but the ones which tell you what to do then expect you to crack on under your own steam are a complete no-no, I just can't be bothered.
Fitness has never been this accessible before. Thousands of free channels for inspiration, guidance and following along. Remember back in the old days where you had to buy a video or dvd? Now there's infinite choice on tap. We are so lucky!
So what's new? I'd like to try keeping up with running 5k as much as possible. It's great to try bettering myself and attempt to make inroads into my target time. Running a sub 23 would be perfect for me. I came close to a 22:30 a couple of times last year but didn't quite reach it but if I put in the effort then maybe I can run a sub 23 a few times and feel like I've achieved something. Finishing a good run and not feeling like I need to throw up would also be nice.
I want to find challenging workouts to do this year, ones that push me to grow stronger and for my heart to become fitter. It's not all about physique, your heart is the most important piece of kit you own - without it there's nothing so getting fit isn't just about dropping a few pounds and creating a better silhouette. I don't think this is emphasised enough throughout health campaigns and across the fitness industry in general.
I want my heart to become not 'the best it can be' because that sounds to pinnacle-esque really but just to gradually become stronger. A resting heart rate gets lower the healthier and stronger your heart becomes as the beat becomes more efficient. Measuring fitness is more about how quickly you recover, rather than what you can do.
Yes, I'd like to shed a few pounds of fat, just so that I feel a little happier in my clothes.
Also there are some fitness goals I'd like to reach, though these my be adjusted through the year and added to.
  • I want to reach level 11 on the bleep test (gracefully, no grim consequences!)
  • I desperately want to better my planks which are my worst aspect of fitness - still haven't addressed this. 3 minutes of strong frame would be amazing.
  • Stronger everything and to work on this I intend to do more kettlebell and dumbbell workouts
  • Increase my fitness test scores at the monthly bookcamp check in. We do 90 seconds of (jump) squats, press ups, burpees and then the plank to expiry. 
  • Back in the mists of time - so far back I can't even find the post I declared I wanted to get washboard abs. I didn't remotely manage it. But this year I want to lose the fit round my middle and feel like I have toned up enough to feel fit and healthy - and like I can wear a cropped gym top without feeling grim.
Have you considered your fitness aspirations for 2019?
Take care,

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