Flagged up

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Much as I love to be kept warm by layer upon layer in winter it leaves me feeling suffocated and bulky. What a confidence drainer. I feel fine until I catch sight of myself, aside from feeling padded out with knitwear. It's good to find some comparably flattering layers which brings me to this green jumper I wore on this woodland wander. It was Kezzie who found it on a charity shop rail and thrust it my direction. For some unknown reason it hasn't remotely flagged itself up to me with potential but Kezzie was right, of course, it's very me. Strange how sometimes you don't know yourself.
It's thin but warm; perfect for wearing over shirts or under a jacket.  

Probably the first wearing of shirt this winter. I go through phases of what to wear. 
Most of my winter outfits include a skirt and I keep telling myself to branch out but if skirts are what I'm comfortable in then why fight it? This one was a charity shop find just before Christmas and it's a good all-rounder with or without tights, sturdy, stretchy, long enough, not blown up by the wind.

Take care,

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